Marketing influences of all types are introduced routinely to the market- place in order to represent the many forms of marketing strategies that exist to reach your target audience. Promoting your business is a non-stop continuous effort and process. If you want your business to reach a targeted market and show growth on a steady basis than it is necessary to find ways to endorse your business.

Envelopes were once created by design to protect the content within such as documents and letters. Today custom business envelopes, non-profit envelopes and personal envelopes create a good first and lasting impressions. Remember, the first thing your targeted audience sees is the custom printed envelope. This is why it is so important to consider the following when designing your custom printed envelopes:

  1. Image and Logo
  2. Design and Layout
  3. Graphics, Color, Multi-Color
  4. Style, Type and Texture
  5. Size Dimension and Shape

There are many forms of printed envelope styles to suit any business need. This is why an ideal way to keep cost at an affordable budget is through printed business envelopes.

Custom envelopes may be used for distributing important documents, letter, promotions, announcements, specials, holiday cheers, loyalty letters, new programs, announcements or products, appreciation letters to existing customers, introduction mailers and list goes on and on.

Custom print envelopes is an additional way to spread and promote your brand throughout the market-place. Ultimately we want patrons to recognize the business through brand awareness.

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Offering envelopes provide many benefits for supporting church funding and businesses of all types and size. Contact EconoEnvelope today, found on the worldwide web at, to design and order custom offering envelopes to help your church contribution efforts!