If your church collects donations for the church or charity, there are envelope options to consider.

Church envelopes commonly referred to tithe envelopes, are designed for collections within the church. These type of church envelopes are typically thin envelopes and not typically used to place in the mail.

Tithe or Church Envelopes:

  • Tithe envelopes can be personalized.
  • Customized for your church or charity.
  • Custom logos placed on envelopes to develop church or charity brand awareness.
  • Easy fit small envelopes designed to easily fit in collection plates.
  • Not used in the mail.
  • Easy envelope to setup for print.

Donation envelopes are larger envelopes than the Church envelope.  The donation envelope is typically used to collect donations by mail.

Remittance or Donation Envelopes:

  • Donation envelopes are very versatile.
  • Collects membership information.
  • Used to sign up members for events.
  • Typically offered in multiple size choices.
  • This envelope is used in the mail.

Offering Church envelopes is still a good avenue to show support to your church, religion and community as well as a good opportunity to bring people closer through belief and teamwork.

There are many Church envelope ideas to fundraise:

  • Gift Certificates.
  • Dinner Events.
  • Fundraiser Letters.
  • Church Events.
  • Gift Trees.
  • Portrait Day.
  • Charity Auction.

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