At Econo Envelope, we have products, procedures, and supplies that has allowed us to deliver environmentally friendly envelope printing to our customers for over 20 years. California is known as the nation’s leader in environmental change and being a California based envelope printing company, we not only care for our beautiful state but also do our part to help preserve its beauty. Below are some of the ways we do our part to help the environment and keep our employees safe.

Our Papers
We offer papers that are Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® (FSCĀ®) certified which is made responsibly and the forests the wood fibers come from are managed in a way that greatly reduces the impact on the environment. These practices will keep our forests thriviing for many more generations. Some of the envelope printing papers we use are the Domtar Earth Choice envelopes for all of our colored envelopes and our Earth Friendly recycled envelopes. Both carry the FCS certification.

Our Inks
In our offset envelope printing (one and two color printing) we use Soy based inks. The advantages in using soy-based inks over petroleum oil-based inks are they are made from a safe and renewable resource. Soy inks are also easier to recycle. Our digital full-color envelope presses use a water-based inkjet technology. These specially formulated inks are some of the safest and greenest inks available in the printing industry.

Our Press Chemistry
All of our press room cleaners and washes are low VOC, water Miscible products that are all Southern California Air Quality Management District compliant and free of any hazardous pollutants. Providing a safe working environment while not sending pollutants into the air around us.

We also recycle all of our envelope printing papers that are used for make-ready and set-up, office products, water bottles and cans.

Low or No Emissions Delivery Vehicles
We partnered with FedEx for all of our non-local deliveries. FedEx uses hybrid-electric trucks that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. FedEx also used a large number of electric and alternative-fuel support vehicles, including forklifts and ground equipment vehicles at airports. Our local deliveries are made by our own flex-fuel trucks and electric cars.

Econo Envelope is proud of being one of the greenest companies in the envelope printing business. We are always striving to make things better, safer and healthier.