In our modern world, most churches and charities need to collect donations to continue in their valued and needed operations.  This article provides a couple of options for the type of envelopes that a church or charity can use to collect those crucial tithes and donations.

Tithe envelopes, commonly known as church envelopes, are meant for collections within a church or organization. They are thin envelopes with a thumb flap closure.  Remittance envelopes, or donation envelopes, are larger envelopes often with a detachable flap that can serve as an order form or information form. 

Tithe or Church Envelopes

Tithe envelopes are the most common choice for church donations and offerings.  They can be personalized with the return address and/or a small logo of the church or organization in the corner(Also Known As ‘Corner Copy’), or with an image or logo on the whole face of the envelope. These offering envelopes are usually small to allow the offerings to easily easy fit in a collections plate, and they typically have a small flap, usually with a thumb tab, for quick closure and quick opening. They are not usually sent in the mail since they are meant to be collected and opened within the church or organization.  

Remittance or Donation Envelopes

Remittance envelopes are used to collect donations through the mail or in person. 

The front or face of a remittance envelope often consists of corner copy and the organization’s address.  The flaps of remittance envelopes are what make them special. They can have either a large standard flap or a large perforated flap. A non-perforated envelope has one large flap that can be printed with an order or information form.

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