Many businesses today are utilizing direct mail marketing to reach their audience.

Creating a brand for both existing and new potential customers with your custom designed envelopes should be a part of your marketing portfolio.  

It has been noted that people tend to buy from business brands they recognize and have seen active on a regular routine basis.

Perhaps you have tried custom envelope direct mail campaigns in the past and did not get the results you were expecting, it may be that direct mail marketing strategy did not include a custom envelope brand for every household and business to recognize.

Let’s face it, most of us receive tons of junk mail and typically toss out anything we do not recognize. This is one of the key triggers why differentiating yourself from the rest of the mail received may accomplish your ultimate goal; to have the receiver open your envelope and convert to a sale. A custom designed envelope that is mailed out and received with a recognizable look or brand has a much better chance to be opened than simply another piece of junk mail.

This is why is so important that your piece of mail stands out in today’s marketing environment, therefore, a custom envelope allows you to do something needed and different.

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