Weekly envelope printing samples of our work that we have printed for our customers

Here is a #10 Regular envelope printed in one color (reflex blue) ink. Customer utilized a logo along with the company name, return address and tagline.
Similar to the previous envelope, this is a #10 Window envelope also one color ink. The customer’s logo uses screen tints to give the look of multiple blue colors.
This #10 regular envelope was printed for Soka University. This is using our Full Color printing option. Notice the envelope prints to the edge.
Another #10 regular envelope. This envelope is using our two color printing. Black ink and Burgundy ink.

So today we have shown a few samples that we have printed this week for some of our clients. We have sown one color printing, two color printing and full color printing. All of these samples are standard items that we print everyday without any upcharges or add-on fees. Prices on our website is what you pay with free shipping on every order. If you have questions and would like to talk to a representative about your envelope project, please give us a call at (800) 325-0476.

The above envelopes are all #10 size, but we carry and print a wide range of sizes, colors like color paper envelopes, catalog envelopes, church offering envelopes, recycled envelopes and remittance envelopes.