Color is a wondrous and glorious entity.  Yellows and delicate greens can lift our spirits in the spring.  Vibrant blues and reds excite us when we watch our favorite sci-fi TV shows. Restaurants use color to influence the appetites of their customers, while artists communicate mood and depth with color.   

Everyone knows that color speaks volumes. That being said, let me remind you of a somewhat less thought of but no less important method of effective color communication — the colored envelope. 

Silence your sounds of annoyance and allow me the following. Picture yourself at the mailbox pulling out that familiar handful of mail. ”Lots of bills,” you think to yourself as you riffle through the pile of whites and blacks. Then, something catches your eye and a big ‘wow’ automatically goes off inside your head. There is a colored envelope in the midst of all the other boring looking mail. Inevitably, you find your hands opening that colored envelope right on the spot. Forget about waiting until you get home. The envelope spoke something very special to you and you just had to open it right there and then. That’s how color works.

Colored envelopes are attention grabbers and mood makers. They communicate volumes to the receivers. The various tones and hues of colored envelopes each articulate their own illustration. 

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