When ordering envelope printing you must decide how you want them printed. Econo Envelope offers three different ways to print your envelopes. The first is one color printing. We offer seven ink colors: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Burgundy. You get to choose only one of these colors, so if your original image is made up of more than one color it will be converted to just the color you choose.  Next is two color printing. You Choose two colors from the same list of seven. You can make your logo in blue and your address in black or if you have a two color logo (and we offer those colors) you can utilize our two color envelope printing process to match the look of your logo. What if you have more than two colors or use colors not in our seven color list? Then Full Color printing is the option you would choose. Full color printing is a CMYK process, meaning we use the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to achieve any color.

These are the three basic options you can choose using our website. If there is a need for a special Pantone color or combination of Pantone colors, give us a call and we can prepare you a custom quote. We look forward to helping you with your envelope printing.