Here is a description of the types of envelopes you can use for envelope printing.

Window Envelope
Exactly that. An envelope with a window so that and address can show through from the paper inserted inside of it. There are a standard size and placement of the window but these can also be made custom.

Security Tint
Security tint envelopes have a printed pattern inside the envelope. This pattern is usually blue or black and it prevents the contents of the envelopes from being seen through the envelopes.

Colored Envelopes
Colored paper is used instead of white. The choices available are blue, green, yellow, pink, ivory and gray. These are available in the three business sizes and with or without windows.

Astrobright Envelopes
Like colored envelopes but brighter. Using Astrobright paper these take color to the next level.

Church Offering Envelopes
Used primarily by churches and non-profits to collect money. Also known as tithe envelopes or donation envelopes. These are dollar bill sized and have an easy to open flap. Available in white or many popular colors.

Catalog and Booklet Envelopes
Larger in size to accommodate brochures, sales literature and printed materials that won’t fit in the smaller business size envelopes.

Peel n Seal Envelopes
These envelopes have a peel-away strip which covers a glue strip. This type of envelope closure makes it easy to seal the envelope without using any moisture.

Announcement Envelopes
Are smaller envelopes usually used for mailing greeting cards or announcement cards. They come in the standard sizes for this category.

Remittance Envelope
This envelope is used as a return envelope. Usually included with other marketing material, the remittance envelope has a large flap that allows for more information to be printed on it and completely covers the inside panels to hide sensitive information.

Recycled Envelopes
Environmentally friendly envelopes made from recycled 24# White Wove paper. Made with 50% recycled fiber and 30% postconsumer waste.