Bacon is really popular. I see bacon flavored stuff everywhere. Bacon flavored chips, candy, soda and I even seen bacon flavored toothpaste. There is no end to what can be flavored with bacon. Well, guess what, we could not stay on the bacon sidelines forever. We are now introducing bacon envelope printing. Yes, after years of trial and error we finally came up with the right recipe to add bacon to envelope printing. Our envelope printing engineers along with the bacon experts from around the world have come up with the first ever bacon printed envelope. Nothing was spared when coming up with this envelope. We removed all the grease so that the paper does not get saturated and eliminated the bacon smell to reduce mail theft and keep animals from eating the envelopes. This is our first commercially successful attempt to print bacon on an envelope and we will be introducing improvements in the near future. Envelope printing will never be the same.

Joking aside, at Econo Envelope we can print full-color graphics on your envelopes for less than most companies can print black and white envelopes.