Being a specialist in an industry has its advantages over being a generalist for both the customer and the business with the specialty. We are a specialist in envelope printing. We have many advantages over a generalist printing company. When you specialize in one niche item you become very good at doing it. A generalist print shop is always changing items on their presses. It could be postcards on thick paper today and carbonless forms tomorrow. Each type of job has it’s own problems and idiosyncrasies. Some inks work well on matte sheets and not on gloss sheets. Thin paper feeds into the press differently than thick paper and as most print shops will tell you, envelopes are the most difficult to feed and print. An envelope is a folded and glued piece of paper that isn’t always straight and square, requiring much more expertise and patience to print correctly. Econo Envelope specializes in envelope printing. We have been doing it for over 30 years and know everything about printing envelopes. We buy our blank envelopes in bulk and negotiate the best prices so we can pass it on to our clients. This is how we are able to price our envelope printing lower than most and still deliver the highest quality products. In fact, when you take our low prices and factor in our free shipping we are the overall lowest price printer for envelopes on the internet. One stop shopping is all good but it also is a convenience you pay for. Using a specialty printer such as ourselves will save you money. And knowing your envelopes will be printed correctly by experienced envelope experts will save you aggravation.