There is a notion that sending mail is no longer an effective marketing tool. Though, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mail marketing is still important and is a viable way to advertise your business and it’s products and services. And despite the prevalence of using technology for selling via social media and online ads, mail still resonates with most people as useful. According to nationwide surveys Direct mail surprisingly transcends the age demographic, with younger consumers (the 20- to 36-year-old demographic) favoring to read about marketing offers by mail rather than online sources.”

Now that we established that mail marketing is still relevant, it is necessary to employ methods that will give your business the greatest return on investment. With the appropriate plan, you can make buyers to take action upon reading mail. To prompt people to open your letter your envelope must stand out from the other mail that they get on a daily basis. The design and message on the envelope are the main ingredients to getting them opened.

Think of the envelope printing as the headline to the article that is inside. Like a newspaper article If the headline is compelling the article will be read and if the outside of the envelope is compelling the envelope will get opened.

Here are some great tips that will help to get your envelope opened.

Your business name and logo should be noticeable on the envelope. Don’t worry that this will discourage people from opening your envelope. If the addressee is a former client, they will be curious about what you have to say, particularly if you have given excellent service in the past. If the recipient is a prospect, adding your logo and name adds credibility.

Add a compelling hook message or teaser advertisement with attention-grabbing catchwords or keywords that raise interest or importance and tempt readers to open your envelope. You can place the teaser on the front of the envelope using bold type or different colors.

Separate yourself from the norm. Study and experiment with different envelope look. Use colored envelopes and different sizes. Make your envelope stand out from all the other envelopes in the mailbox.

Consider using a color photograph or image of your product. This envelope printing technique always attracts attention.

Print a clear call-to-action on your envelope. Entice customers and prospects to open your envelope by using a clever way of asking them to open it.

Printing your website address on the envelope will encourage them on going to your website. You can encourage them more by adding a discount coupon or promotion code.

Try one of these methods or try one of your own and see if it gets your company a better response to your direct mail projects. If you tried a different method and were successful, please comment and let us know.