One of the keyword phrases we rank high in is “cheap envelope printing”. For those who don’t know search engine jargon, a keyword or keyword phrase is the words you type into Google to find what you are looking for. The better the website ranks for that keyword or phrase the higher Google will display it on the search results. So when we realized our website was ranking very high for the keyword phrase “cheap envelope printing” it was a bit concerning. We did not want to be known as the cheap guys on the web even though we have some of the lowest prices for envelope printing on the internet, cheap just sounded cheap. We want our customers to know us for our quality printing and our great customer service. We eventually began to embrace the cheap envelope printing phrase because it brought customers to us and we were able to win them over with our quality and service so they no longer thought of us as the cheap envelope printing company but the quality envelope printing company with low prices and excellent service.