We get this question a lot. Even know we state “we will show email a proof before printing” on every item description and on the checkout page, this question is asked more than any other question. Proofing the envelope before printing is the most important step in the envelope printing process. We have three ways for our customers to submit artwork for envelope printing. The first and most common is a customer can upload a file which may or may not be print ready. The second method is using our online envelope designer which will allow you to use your own graphics or logos and has many features like desktop design programs. And the third way is to use either the upload tool or designer tool as just a way to get us your logos and instructions and have one of our in-house designers put your envelope together. Whichever way you choose, we will always send a proof for your approval. Proofing the envelope before printing is the best way to make sure a customer is happy with the envelope printing even before we start the presses. Proofing is always free and will make as many revisions until you are happy and the proof is approved by you.