We have customers that depend on getting their envelopes opened by the addressee. Billing companies, collection agencies, property managers are just some to name a few. When sending the same envelope for months or even years, the recipient starts to get wise to this old stale envelope printing design. So when a customer realizes that the response rate has dropped they ask us, should they redesign the printed envelope to get a better response, and we normally say yes. But what if a client has a mailing to do right away and does not have the time to deal with the designer and proofing? Or the budget is not there to pay the high price of designing a new envelope. Well, the answer is the redesign doesn’t need to be a full re-design. This is where a simple font change can do the trick. Changing the font does not require the same time as a redesign and can be an effective way of changing up the look of the envelope printing with minimal work and cost. The time it can take to redesign the envelope could be days or weeks and a simple font change can be minutes. When the font change is made it should increase response and it also buys the customer more time to do the redesign of the envelope at a later date. So next time you’re in a crunch for time and need an envelope makeover, try a font change instead.