The main function of a window envelope is so you don’t have to print the address twice. So if you strategically place your address on your statement or bill, it will show through the envelopes’ window. So no printing addresses on labels or worse yet, no handwriting the addresses on the envelope.

Most window envelopes have a standard size window and a standard placement of the window. This size is 4-1/2″ x 1-1/8″. The placement is 7/8″ from left and 1/2″ from the bottom. This placement works for many software applications like Quickbooks. But some, more custom, software packages require special size and placements and do not allow the end user to make adjustments to use the standard window envelope. That is when you need a special window envelope. Econo Envelope has many different special window envelopes available blank and with envelope printing. Give them a call with your special needs and most likely there will be an envelope already made that fits your application.

When considering a window envelope, you must now keep in mind how the envelope is going to be printed. The window of the envelope is made from a clear poly plastic that will melt in extreme heat. So don’t try to run them through a laser printing or Xerox style machine. The fuser that heats the toner to the paper will definitely melt the window and probable damage your printer. Inkjet printers which use no heat. will not do any melting of the window but will be a pain to print having to load either small quantities or one at a time. Try getting them to print straight too! Home inkjet printers usually run great with sheets of paper but an envelope is a folded piece of paper will different thicknesses throughout the envelope. So what is your choice for quality envelope printing on window envelopes? Again Econo Envelope has the state of the art printing equipment and expertise to run these for you at an affordable price. So if you need 500 or 10,000 printed window envelopes, do not try this at home (or your office).