In the not so distant past, envelope printing was done on traditional offset printing presses. We would start with the artwork on artboards or film. Next, we would have to make a plate and then set up the press, ink it up and hopefully, if all went well start printing. Fast forward to 2018 and envelope printing like most other commercial printing has evolved. We now have digital printing. Digital printing allows us to go right from the digital file to the printing press. The press needs little set-up and is color ready from the start. The image stays consistent throughout the run without any ink adjustments.

There are a few different types of digital presses each with its advantages and disadvantages. In the envelope printing business, the most important feature to have is the feeding system on the press. Since envelopes are not a flat sheet and have folds with different thicknesses throughout the envelopes, feeding the envelope is very important in production for speed and quality reasons. When we chose our first digital envelope printing press we tested all of the feeding systems before settling on the right one.

After finding the best and most reliable feeding system for envelope printing next is the type of printing process to use. The three printing processes to think about are Offset, Toner Based and the newest printing process for production printing is inkjet. Inkjet printing has been around for many years with most home printing devices being inkjet. Most recently inkjet has become production machines with advances in print heads and ink. Inkjet production machines rival traditional offset machines in speed and quality especially with you consider that set up time is much faster on an inkjet printing press.

After considering all the choices for printing digital envelopes, in 2011 Econo Envelope entered the digital envelope printing world and bought our first high-speed digital inkjet printing press. Since then we have added more machines and have become a leader in the digital envelope printing market. Please take a look at our full-color digital inkjet options and let us know how we can help you with your envelope printing needs.