Specialty Envelopes are envelopes that will be used for a specific need. Whether it is for billing, donation collecting or church tithes and offerings, we have the envelopes you need. Here are some examples of how you can use these specialty envelopes or even our standard envelopes for your specific envelope printing needs.

Church Offering Envelopes
We offer church offering envelope printing in five colors and we can print them in one color, two colors, and full color. The obvious use for these envelopes are for collecting tithes and offerings but we also have printed these as gratuity envelopes for salons, newspapers and other service-oriented businesses. The church offering envelope also can be used for gift certificates or gift cards.

Catalog and Booklet Envelopes
Catalog and booklet envelopes have many uses and so many of our customers have had us print a variety of different envelopes over the years. We printed envelopes for X-rays and photographs. Logs for trucking companies, order forms, jail property envelopes, inter-office memos, ambulance property envelopes to name just a few.

Doorknob Hanger Envelopes
Doorknob Hanger Envelopes are an easy & efficient method for your customers to return payment quickly & conveniently. These printed envelopes are great for gardeners, pool service companies, water bottle delivery companies or any other business that would need to leave an invoice or bill with a customer who is not home at the time of service.

Remittance Envelope
Remittance envelopes are used for getting information or money back quickly by mail. Use the area on the inside of the extended seal flap for information collection and the envelope for checks or cash. Available in two sizes and custom printed in up to two colors on both sides.