Running a business is a hard thing to do. With all of the tasks that have to be done in a day, getting paid in a timely matter is probably the most important and sometimes most neglected of them all. After all, nobody wants to upset a client by continuously calling and reminding them of payment. Here are a few tips on how using printed envelopes can help you get paid faster.

Include a reply envelope with your invoice.

Have your envelopes printed with your address in the center of the envelope so your customers can easily put a check inside and mail back to you without them using their own envelopes.

Have your envelopes printed with a pre-paid business reply

Did you know you can have the postage printed right on your envelopes? With an account from your local post office, you can receive a permit number for business reply mail. Now your envelope printing can have the postage paid by you and the proper barcodes to ensure the faster delivery too. The best thing about business reply mail is that you only pay for the postage on envelopes that are returned to you.

Use Colored Envelopes

Most envelopes are white and just get lost in the stack. Use a colored envelope and yours will stand out. Not only does colored envelopes get opened more often than white, they can serve as a reminder when your customer looks at the stack of mail and sees your envelope over the rest.

Utilize full-color Envelope Printing

Use full-color printing to add highlighted text or starbursts on your envelope. If a customer sees “Invoice Enclosed” in a vibrant color it will attract attention.

Always Print your Logo on the Envelope

Most customers want to treat their vendors right and pay the invoice in a timely manner. By printing your logo on the envelope the customer will recognize it and let them know it is from a valued vendor. This way it does not get filed with the other mail.