After having your envelope printing completed and delivered you will want to store the envelopes in a cool, dry place. This message is printed on every box and case we sell so you won’t make this mistake and have to waste money by reordering your envelope printing before you even used all of them. Make sure this area is well-ventilated and keep the envelopes away from direct sunlight. Keep the boxes sealed and any opened boxes or cases should be resealed after opening. You also want to use your oldest envelope stock first, especially if you store a lot of printed envelopes. Alway rotate your stock using the oldest envelopes first.

We all know that envelopes have glue on the flaps and we use moisture to seal the envelopes closed. Keeping the printed envelopes stored in a cool, dry place ensures that the moisture from humidity or damp air does not inadvertently seal those envelopes before you have had a chance to put something inside. If you are in a high humidity area or cannot find a place to store your printed envelopes that you know is dry without moisture, we suggest ordering our envelope printing using a peel n seal closure. This way the glue does not get exposed to the moisture until your ready to use them. Other reasons to keep your printed envelopes dry is to avoid them warping. A warped envelope does not feed into envelope inserters and other automated mailing equipment.

It is a good practice to only order enough printed envelopes to last three to six months. This way you can keep your printed envelopes as fresh as possible. Econo Envelope offers small quanties at low prices so you can get a great value on your envelope printing with having to buy thousands more than you need.

Any questions? We are always available to help, just drop us an email or give us a call.