We always get the question about catalog envelopes and booklet envelopes. What is the difference? Its the side the envelope opens on. Both envelopes come in the same sizes and same paper weights. The only difference is where the flap is. The catalog envelope has the flap on the short side of the envelope whereas the booklet envelope has the the flap on the long side, usually the top of the envelope.

Catalog and booklet envelopes are used primarily for the same purpose. Usual items stuffed inside are price lists, flyers, brochures, letters and flat sheets that you don’t want folded. Booklet envelopes generally are for Larger, thicker items suck as brochures, photos. We recommend using the booklet envelope for these items to make the stuffing process much easier. The wider flap makes it much easier to load the thicker items.

Both the catalog and booklet envelope come if a variety of sizes. The sizes we stock are 6×9, 9×12 and 10×13 but we can order in almost any other size and have them in our plant ready to print the next day. So if you need a special size, do not hesitate to give us a call and one of our professional customer service representatives will help you find the right solution.

As with all of out printed envelopes, we offer these in 1 color printing, two color printing and most sizes in full color digital printing. All of our stocking sizes are available for rush printing and shipping and special orders are usially completed in around 5 business days.

Uses for catalog and booklet envelopes are not just limited to mailings with your logo and return address printed in the corner. You can also create a form for inter-office memos, or for cash collectiing envelopes utilizing the full face of the envelopes with a printed form to record what is being inserted in the envelope.