I was at the post office picking up our mail and noticed we received an envelope from a vendor of ours. What got my attention was they used a rubber stamp for the return address. The stamp looked darker in some areas and lighter in others. It had extra ink around the edges like it was pressed too hard and was partially smudged. It was also a bit crooked. Envelope printing should be an essential part of your business. You wouldn’t make a sign out of cardboard and magic markers and tape it up outside your store or shop. So why would you use a rubber stamp on a envelope? I assume most companies that use the rubber stamp method think they are saving money. When you add the price of the stamp, the envelopes and then the time it takes to stamp all the envelopes you are not saving any money and it’s probably costing you more than to have a box of envelopes printed by Econo Envelope. Our one color printed envelopes is the best value and look very professional. We offer 7 ink colors. We can also do two color printing and full color printing. If you need special Pantone colors, a certain paper to match your letterhead or any other request, please give us a call and we can quote that for you. Quality printing combined with different color papers can make your envelope stand out from the crowd. ¬†We also offer stationary grade paper with watermarks, super bright Astrobright envelopes and more. These are some of the ways to stand out and increase the odds of your envelope getting opened. So next time you need envelopes choose High quality envelope printing that will increase your company image to the outside world, you will look more professional and it will save you time.