The first thing you have to consider when placing an envelope order is the design. Whether it’s your business envelopes, church offering envelopes or advertising envelopes, without great design, your envelope printing project could be doomed from the start. You can create the design yourself, have a design company create it or have the company who is doing the printing create the artwork for you.

If you are going to create the design yourself, you are going to need three things. The first thing you will need is the correct graphics application such as Adobe Illustrator, In-Design or Photoshop. Having the right tools is essential to creating great work.

The second thing you will need is the know-how to use the graphics application. These modern computer graphic programs are loaded with features and tools to make stunning print pieces. You can get by with moderate knowledge of the program, but the more you know the better the finished product will look.

And finally, the third thing will be a bit of talent. Not everyone has a good design sense. You will want to be able to do the layout so it is easy to read, pleasing to the eye and uses the right color combitations. Some people have a natural knack for this, others need years of schooling to acquire it and then some will never get it.

So if you do not possess the atleast two of the three things to create your own design, you will have to take one of the other routes.

Using a professional design firm will give you the best results, but usually for a high price. These individuals or companies have the graphics applications, the expertise to use them proficiently and utilize the many tools and features the programs offer. But most of all they have the talent and experience. They understand what is needed by the printer so the job runs without any issues. They also know what looks good and they keep up with design trends so your envelope will look up to date.

In the first paragraph, I mentioned the third option. Have the printing company design your envelope for you. At, we have graphic professionals on staff and ready to help with your envelope printing design. With years of experience and the knowing what is needed to make a design that works flawlessly with the equipment we use for printing would make us your best option. Whether you need a project started from scratch or want to update your existing envelope design, we can do it for you. The best part is we offer this service for free to our customers that print with use. We are experts in envelopes, church envelopes, business reply, and offering and tithe envelopes.