Envelope Printing Price Comparison #1

I did a quick comparison of envelope printing prices around the web. I compared three of the top ranked envelope priinting companies on Google search and compared them with Econo Envelope. The envelope we compared was a #10 envelope on 24# white wove paper with black ink. This is the most common business envelope and…

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Inkjet vs. Toner vs. Offset based envelope printing

There are three printing processes available in the envelope printing industry. Below I will explain the three types with each of their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, this information will help you decide when choosing an envelope printing company to print your projects. The main differences in the three types of envelope printing machines are the…

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Envelope printing for direct mail

There is a notion that sending mail is no longer an effective marketing tool. Though, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mail marketing is still important and is a viable way to advertise your business and it’s products and services. And despite the prevalence of using technology for selling via social media and online…

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Envelope Printing Specialist

Being a specialist in an industry has its advantages over being a generalist for both the customer and the business with the specialty. We are a specialist in envelope printing. We have many advantages over a generalist printing company. When you specialize in one niche item you become very good at doing it. A generalist…

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Bacon Envelopes

Bacon is really popular. I see bacon flavored stuff everywhere. Bacon flavored chips, candy, soda and I even seen bacon flavored toothpaste. There is no end to what can be flavored with bacon. Well, guess what, we could not stay on the bacon sidelines forever. We are now introducing bacon envelope printing. Yes, after years…

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Use envelope printing to share digital services

Today most businesses have a website, email list or maybe even an app. This is an opportunity to use your printed envelopes (or other printed items) to promote these digital channels. You may send out invoices to customers that have never used your website so why not remind them on every invoice, statement, and envelope…

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Cheap Envelope Printing

One of the keyword phrases we rank high in is “cheap envelope printing”. For those who don’t know search engine jargon, a keyword or keyword phrase is the words you type into Google to find what you are looking for. The better the website ranks for that keyword or phrase the higher Google will display…

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Window Envelope

The main function of a window envelope is so you don’t have to print the address twice. So if you strategically place your address on your statement or bill, it will show through the envelopes’ window. So no printing addresses on labels or worse yet, no handwriting the addresses on the envelope. Most window envelopes…

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